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Modernist legacy in Sweden

International Union of Tenants was establish in 1924 in Vienna. IUT created Tenants Charter describing rights of tenants globally. IUT definition of Social Housing, adopted in 2005:
“Social housing is sustainable housing with non-profit rents, or/and rents according to the self cost principle and/or where the access is controlled by the existence of allocation rules favouring households that have difficulties in finding accommodation in the market. “
Hyresgästföreningen is a Swedish association of residents founded in 1907 and strong till
On these strong foundation functionalist settlement Hammarbyhöjden was established in hilly terrains  of Stockholm in 1938. It was described "ideal city" because apartments there were technologically innovative and cheap. It's architecture style was influenced Stockholm Expo modern approach to design. Today district remained its social and puristic image. Film below:

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